What Does TPMS Mean?

TPMS Sensors


What does TPMS mean in terms of vehicle technology? It stands for tire pressure monitoring system or TPMS. With this system, you’ll receive an alert when your tire pressure decreases and is at less than the recommended pressure. On your dashboard, your TPMS light will either flash or turn on the dashboard. So, still asking yourself “What does TPMS mean? Learn more with the experts at Brady Kilmury CDJR! For more information around Birmingham, feel free to contact us anytime!

Features of TPMS

When learning more about “what does TPMS mean?”, you’ll see that the TPMS system monitors the inside of your tires and measures your tire pressure while you drive around Hoover. Often, the TPMS light resembles a flat tire with an exclamation mark in the center, or it could light up and spell out TPMS on the dashboard. So, what could happen if your tires are not inflated properly? Learn more below:

  • Poor traction
  • Decreased load carrying capability
  • A flat tire or blowout
  • Poor fuel economy

Properly inflated tires can help you gain more traction on the Bessemer road, increase fuel economy, and prevents excessive tire wear. 

Short-term, proper tire inflation can protect you from a potential accident, and in the long run, it can prevent your tires from wearing out prematurely and even optimize fuel economy. A tire pressure monitoring system is a great way to keep track of your tire pressure during your Tuscaloosa travels without having to remember to do manual checks yourself. 

How to Properly Inflate Your Tires

If your tires are either under or over-inflated, you might experience issues. If your tires are properly inflated, you can expect the following: 

  • Less tread movement, allowing you to extend the lifespan of your tires.
  • Decreases the chance of hydroplaning during heavy rain.
  • Increased efficiency due to less rolling resistance.

It’s best to check your owner’s manual to be sure of your vehicle’s tire pressure. It’s incredibly important to make sure that your tires are properly inflated, as it can decrease maintenance costs and even save you gas money.

When filling up your tires, check out these popular servicing stations:

  • Gas stations are the most popular sports, as most gas stations have air compressors for filling stations. 
  • To get this looked at by a professional, you can bring your vehicle to a service department such as Brady Kilmury CDJR.
  • You can use a bike pump also if you need to quickly fill up your tires!

Learn More About Vehicle Maintenance with Brady Kilmury CDJR!

Now that we’ve answered the question, “What does TPMS mean?’, come stop by Brady Kilmury CDJR if you have any other questions. If you want to get your vehicle looked at by a professional, schedule an appointment with our service experts to get you back on the Tuscaloosa roads!

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